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airliner condition - gazdadude - 09-21-2020

im noticing the condition of my airliners are dropping to 50% how do i stop this

RE: airliner condition - Tjoeker - 09-21-2020

In TAPv2, conditions are kept above 50% if you have auto-maintenance enabled.
I will automatically repair if it drops below 50%.

You only need 50% to be good.

In TAP NG we will do maintenance different. Your airliners will have to go through ABCD checks which will slightly-much improve the condition, but you will not be able to stop the condition from slowly slipping away to unmaintainable conditions.

RE: airliner condition - Tomcatter - 09-21-2020

Go to "Settings" -> "Settings" and check -> "Use Auto Maintenance"