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Taxes V1.0 (For all countries!)
Hi guys! Today I present to you the "Corporation Income Tax" system. It took me a while to find all the data, but it's completely accurate and, to my knowledge, all the countries has been inserted to the stats.

Release notes v1.0:

- Added all possible Countries to the .xml file with realistic rates with data took from the data.SQLITE datasheet.
- Added 8 new entries to the data.SQLITE datasheet.
- Corrected Errors within the data.SQLITE datasheet.
- Added new flags for some countries.
- Initial Release.

Further updates may be created, but there is a chance that it will not be necessary.

- Dimensions: 300MB (included some of the rework of the Airport demand too, which will become obsolete after the next major release).

You can Download the .rar file Clicking HERE (Google Drive)!

Install Instructions:

- Download the .rar provided in the link above.
- Extract using WinRar to your Game destination Folder (for example C:/Program Files/TAPv2).
- If asked to overwrite the existing data, click YES.
- Start the game.
- Enjoy your new Corporate Tax included game. Smile

Have Fun guys! Smile

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