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Airliner for route in new version
That probably means you have created a route that is planned for the start of the upcoming season.
You just have to wait 'till the season sart.

Although, I'm not sure. Pjank (or someone else) will have to confirm this.
I haven't played around that much in the new versions. I've been waiting for the schedule update Smile
If I'm correct your flight will move on to confirmed when the season starts, and you have enough gates on both airports. If not your flight will be rejected and cancelled. You will have to wait till next season then reapply the route.

I don't know if it's fixed already, but I can remember their was a bug with the gates at your base that you received at the start of the game. They would just disappear at the start of the first season. That way your flight will be rejected as well.

The issue with losing your slots should be fixed for next release

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