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Blog update
Your answer is still valid. Smile
I'll close the poll tomorrow afternoon.

We will have a similar poll next week, same time.
The winning poster design is.. *Drumroll* ..:

[Image: heAj7wf.jpg]

Of course, like we said this poster will be polished still and receive some retro style colours.

We will be back next Thursday with another poll for some more posters.


If you previously sponsored The Airline Project on Itch or Kickstarter, keep in mind that you have until Friday 31st of July to register for your free access!
To do so, send a mail to using the mail of the account you donated with.
Last week we voted on the design for a retro styled poster for our Kickstarter campaign. This week you can vote for a more modern style poster:

Note: the designs shown here aren't finalized. They will receive some more work and filled in with retro colours.


For those who previously sponsored The Airline Project, please beware that tomorrow is the final day you can apply for your Free Access. To do so, send a mail to with your mail you used to donate with on
And this the winning poster of this week's poster poll:

[Image: DYWAovl.jpg]

It was a very close call with the 'blueprint poster'.
We've reached a milestone, though this one was inevitable.  Big Grin

[Image: jbTmith.png]
We're back with a new blog update:
Looking great as always and I like the videos SizzlingPopcorn are creating :-)
It seems like they're also covering your sports game. Smile
5 Days to go to Kickstarter!

Check out our Kickstarter video:

The entire team did a well done job. It's nice to see the difference and progress to the latest version.

One point I can't unterstand in the Kickstarter video. On minute 1:37 where the airliner seat configuration is shown, the menu says "Business Class 4 Rows and 24 seats at all. The airliner shows 11 rows with 4 seats in one row. Thats make 44 seats at all. Or had the seat menu nothing to do with the airliner?
CEO of Germani Airline Group
- Germani International (Boeing 787-9) based Berlin / Düsseldorf
- Germani City / European (A220-300 / A320neo / A321neo) (planned)
- Germani Holiday (A321neoLR, A330-900neo) (planned)
- Yàzhōu Airlines (A350-900 / -1000) (planned)

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