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New Scenario Ideas
That is actually possible and good idea with a tutorial scenario :-)

And I will try to add further info for scenarios
A tutorial scenario is a good idea indeed.

But isn't it a bit early to start working on that? Seen things will change quite a lot while we are in alpha..
Of course, you are free to create the tutorial if it is within your possibilities.
But it will probably require updates every 1-2 releases.. Wink
That would be very nice to have some input of what can we use when define a scenario.
[Image: ?name=rockerrullz&lang=en]
I have an idea for a scenario!

Airline: Pan American World Airways
Scenario Name: The Most Experienced Airline In The World
Description: The year is 1968 and Pan American World Airways is the Queen of the Skies with her valued fleet of Jet Clippers. The legendary airline's founder, Juan T. Trippe, has just stepped down as president and Pan Am's board of directors have chosen YOU to take charge and help lead the airline into the future of aviation. Can you accomplish the goals set by the board, overcome the competition and help Pan Am thrive into the 21st Century?

Your Goal: Become the World's Biggest International Airline by 2018 (50 Years).
Competitors: American Airlines, BOAC (later British Airways), KLM, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Trans World Airlines

Do any of you like my idea? If so, please feel free to say so!

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