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This is just a small suggestion:
The Airbus A380plus was unveiled at the 2017 Paris Airshow, promising 4% better fuel economy and up to 80 more seats through the use of 3-5-3 seating, instead of 3-4-3 seating, in economy.
It would also increase the range by up to 550 km, allowing up to 15350 km range, as well as a 3 t MTOW increase. The plane will be available from 2020 to something like ~2030, and will probably cost a few million dollars more than the regular A380.
Thats it Smile
Maybe I'm messing some events up, but wasn't it also immediately canceled since nobody wanted to buy?
Maybe I'm talking about the A380neo or something..
No that was the A380neo, heres the link to the wiki page:
Just scroll down to the variants section, just above the middle of the page. As for the A380plus, Wikipedia says that "Emirates could order 20 aircraft at the November Dubai Air Show".
'emirates could order' 20 A380plus, but didn't? Wink
Instead they ordered 20 normal A380's.
I think the 747-8I and the A380-800 are dead. The trend is currently not on huge planes like the A380 and 747.

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