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Alpha release 2.13 Final
When do you think the next version will be released?
Dont forget for smiling
We can't say an exact date or even a close estimate.
But I can say this, most features are in the testing phase, meaning that we're fixing bugs and improving user friendliness for them.
Besides these, there still is one major feature for the next version that we haven't announced yet. At least not officially.

It probably won't be this month, and February is rather short. Wink
Any chance of a release this weekend?
Nope, sorry. Wink
We still have some bug fixing, balancing and improving usability to do.
We don't know how long that will take, but it'll be at least a couple of weeks.
Sooo, a month later, I dare to ask for any estimates myself  Tongue

Just thought about picking up the game again and was wondering, if I should wait for the weekend and a new version or rather go for it now anyway, if the next update is still a couple of weeks away.

No pressure, just really looking forward to anything new!   Wink
I sure hope we're not in a indefinite cycle of delays. Big Grin
I like to think it will take a couple of weeks, but not more than a month at this time.

It turns out we need some time to prepare everything for the second alpha phase ( = economics and balancing).
is it still long for the next version to be released?
i can't wait for IFS / IFE and also for bench arrangement
Dont forget for smiling

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