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Flight Time Projection
After fiddling around with flight times for ages, i started thinking about how it could be made more intuitive.

So to get started: It would be a massive help if when on the airliner view, it would be possible to see a "ghost" of what an added flight would look like on the timetable. This would stop the need for constantly adding 5 minutes to the departure time, and seeing if it's ok. It would also make it easier to view if a flight would be able to fit into a certain time space at all.

Edit: It would also be a great help if there was the option to schedule a flight immediately after another, without having to manually set the time
Great ideas! Smile
I'm adding them to the list of updates for the schedulers.
That is working. Is there any way to change the format of the date and also change the time to 12-Hr time instead of 24-Hr?
Looks like pjank added it to the to do list. Smile

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