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As I get more aircraft, the game slows down. Badly. Once there are about 300 aircraft in play, one year takes an hour, at top speed. I can't play with AIs for this reason, they slow the game down too quickly.
We know this is a problem, and we have made some upgrades for v14. Some more improvements will be made later on.

But please beware that there is an upper limit to performance, and the better the performance is, the more work we have to put in a marginally small improvement.

Also speeding up the game doesn't help in case you reached the top of your computing power of your processor.
The game has to do all the calculations (before proceeding to the next day), and it can't speed up that.

That all being said, the AI at the moment can have some unrealistic growth because it doesn't follow many rules. (like a positive balance)
So the slow down of the game will be pushed back quite a bit after the AI update too. Wink

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