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Do we have a discord channel and if we don't can one be set up?
We don't have a discord channel yet.
A user tried to set up a discord channel some time ago, but it wasn't a big success.

I had some discussion with Pjank on whether we should set up a channel or not.
We might try it some time in the future, but for now it seems like it would decentralize our community.
But then again, we're both kinda illiterate when it comes to Discord.
I run various discord channels.
Even if it isn't a massive success to start with i can keep it running and people can join it in drips and drabs.
I'd personally like to see a Discord server for this game.
Hmmm ... I use Discord, but only for collaboration when gaming. It's handy for coordinating attacks when I'm in a squad of robots or tanks.

As TAP is off-line and single player I doubt I'd ever go to the Discord channel.

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