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Just out of curiosity, are we getting images added to some more planes in the new update?
Plane pictures get added with every update indeed. Smile
There are quite a few new pictures for the update, especially old airliners.

If you have any airliner that you would certainly like to have a picture in the next update, let me know. Wink
If you need a concorde I can pop down to the Concorde Hanger at Manchester Airport at the weekend.
The Concorde image is already implemented in 2.14. Smile
But you may always share the image you have in the off topic forum. Cool
Just to show that I care about the images. Smile
When I don't find an airliner in a neutral livery or manufacturer livery (or the image quality is not good enough), I create my own based on liveries from the same era and manufacturer.

I just finished the Antonov-28:

[Image: Ke5EabU.png]

I previously made a livery for the Bombardier DHC8-100/200 (I think it's already part of V2.13?):
[Image: vW0loBF.png]
I think this one is my best attempt so far. Smile

Of course, the -100 variant has the correct series number. ^^

I thought I'd share this here, since you probably don't notice this all that much in the game.

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