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[Approved] General UI quality of life improvements
After having some hands on experience with the game I have some suggestions to help make the game more streamlined/remove some of the tedium of managing the airline. If there is a way to do this already please let me know.

-The ability to pause/start/delete multiple routes en masse, instead of having to do it one by one
-The ability to move planes to a subsidiary/sell them en masse, instead of having to do it one by one
It appears you can select multiple planes/routes at a time, but attempting to delete them doesn't work

-The ability to see a route map of opponent airlines. 
-hotkeys - [space] for pause/play, etc.
-The ability to filter out routes by origin, destination, season etc, to reduce clutter when you start having over 100+ routes
-The ability to at a glance see whether or not a route is making money on the routes page
-The ability to at a glance see what aircraft model is running on a given route on the routes page

I've been having a lot of fun with this game so far! But sometimes I feel like I'm spending a lot of time doing things that shouldn't be taking up so much time.
Yeah, we need to implement these things. (some I honestly haven't thought of yet)
We're still in an early alpha phase, that's why many things aren't polished yet.

Some things will come in the next version already, and one thing you can already do in the current version.
You can see the route map of the opponents by going to the airline -> 'routes and destinations' and then click on route map.
Is there allready something to tell about when the new version will be able to play? will it be late july or maybe in 1 or 2 weeks, really looking forward to it
We will tell you about a release date as soon as we're a 100% sure.
It certainly won't be next week though.

We don't want to hype you for a specific date and then tell you it's delayed by a week.
If the game is playable but missing some functions why not do a Early access release. That way we can help you with the bugs before a full release.
Because the game is not in a playable state right now. Smile
When you start messing with things at the core, things can take a while.

We already have a different strategy for releases afterwards, but for now we have to finish what we started.

A little patience please, don't push the devs to release a version that has more game breaking bugs than the last one. Wink
Either way, V2.13 is not as unplayable as some people are stating, you just have to learn to avoid certain features (namely converting airliners to cargo and playing after 2020) and you can get quite lengthy games out of it.
I'm not saying it will be the most interesting game you ever played, we're in the alpha phase, which means you will only get a rough idea of what the game eventually will be.

Don't lose your patience guys, we've been waiting almost 10 months, a couple of weeks don't matter now. ^^
I am not sure, but I think I saw in one thread, that they search for tester before the v2 was published. 

In my opinion, we help too if we report bugs of the latest version.

@Tjoeker: Will be the A321XLR included in the next version? Or are specs for the XLR Version needed?
Testing the dev versions is not the issue.
We have a dedicated tester team. Although we might give that a refresh after this release because part of it is inactive.

If we allow everybody to test the dev versions, we will just be flooded with the same reports over and over again. Smile
It's better to keep a small dedicated team that is closely involved in the development imo.

Although, the new strategy includes less features per release, and more frequent releases. (every 2 months instead of every 5-8 months)
This was however not possible now because we're rebuilding a big part of the core.

edit: @ AirBerlin, the XLR is indeed present. Smile
Thats very good news, but I think for longer gameplay I will restart in the 90s. (Now I know, why my gameplay always crash after 2020)

@Tjoeker: Only the last part was for you  Tongue The first part was my mind regarding red baron idea Wink
Haha, ok. Sorry. Wink

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