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Game stops at certain dates
I started a new game with 5 opponents.  Everything went fine until it reached March 27 of the first year and the clock stopped.  Tried saving game and restarting, pausing and continuing, etc.  Nothing worked.

Started another new game.  Set game speed to very fast and waited for it to get past March 27.  After that, I paused game and setup routes, etc.  Game ran until 10/27 and then hung again.

Both times I waited at least 10 minutes but it never progressed.  Running on very fast CPU with 16 gig of RAM.

Any help would be appreciated!
Both of these dates are probably season changes. At a season change the game recalculates all filling degrees for all routes in the game. This can take a while depending on how many flights you and your opponents have.

10 minutes seems a bit long though. It should be no longer than 2 minutes even on slow systems when you are playing with the heaviest opponents.

Can you send me a save file so I can investigate?

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