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Overlapping Schedule
I have one aircraft which is flying multiple flights at the same time. Image attached below;


How - 

  1. Cleared the schedule
  2. added new flights
  3. Saved schedule
  4. When to routes page
  5. Back onto aircraft
Can you give me a little more details?

what flights were there in the previous schedule (and at what time)?
what flights did you add?
the flights you added and removed were both in the current schedule?

edit: did you schedule the original flight with the auto scheduler?
Old Flights -
JFK - YVR Return at 03:00 and 14:00

Cleared schedule, looked clear initially, then all appeared after refreshing that aircraft. So yes both new and old flights are on the schedule.

New Flight -
JFK - YVR Return at 08:00

No, none auto-scheduled, all done manually.
Yeah, This has happened to me, I thought it might be related to seasonal schedule?????
I cannot recreate the issue. Can you tell me in more detail how to recreate it?

The first set of flights, how did you add them.
To what schedules did you add them.

How did you remove them. On what schedules did you remove them.

When did you save when you removed them.

How did you add the new flights. On what schedules did you add them.

You know, more a step by step guide would be useful in this case. Smile
Simon, I think its a random issue. I can't recreate it, it happens randomly.
I see this is for patch F. I have updated something in this code that checks this in Patch H so it might have been fixed then.

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