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Air Antwerp
I've created an XML file of Air Antwerp, which I acknowledge is still a very young airline. Wasn't sure if everything was implemented correctly though and didn't know how to get the logo to appear. I've added the logo as an attachment. One with and one without transparency

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <profile name="Air Antwerp" iata="WP" logo="WP2" color="Red" area="112" CEO="    Johan Maerten"
           mentality="Moderate" market="Regional" preferedairport="ANR">
      narrative="Air Antwerp is a Belgian regional airline operating out of Antwerp International Airport. It was founded in 2019 and is a join venture between KLM and CityJet. It consists of many former employees of the defunct VLM Airlines" />
  <info real="True" from="2019" to="2199"></info>
      <prefereds aircrafts="Fokker 50"></prefereds>
        <route destination1="ANR" destination2="LCY"/>
      <airliner type="Fokker 50" early="0" late="4"></airliner>

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[Image: uc?id=1rALudOMTYmTby7M_ayoj9lb9jKJ1kChv]
You can put the logo in data/graphics/airlinelogos.
Call the file 'WP2.png'.

The rest seems to be fine.
You can perhaps remove the empty spaces in the CEO field.

I'll implement it if we ever get another patch for TAPv2.
As I'm from Belgium myself I'm ashamed I forgot to implement this airline. Big Grin

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