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Next Gen Website

today we launched our new website. Let us know what you think!
You can check it out here:

Of course, we will update the website with more pages as more information becomes available. Smile
Wow, the new website looks amazing!
Hey T,

Just checked out the new website ... amazing improvement over the old '90's look. Here is a few minor observations I'd like to share:

1. The scroll arrows beside the "Features" section are plain and, at first, didn't look like scroll arrows to me. Perhaps they could be changed to "Next" and "Previous", or have a drop shadow so they look like buttons ...

2. More a "development" issue, but I'm not a fan of the icons used to indicate airports. I don't think the orange border and white background works well with the style of map you're using. I'd prefer coloured pins of varying size. Perhaps 5 colours and sizes would cover Enormous, Large, Medium, Small, Tiny ... and International, Domestic, Freight, Military, Private ... or something like that ...

3. I like the logo. The Comet was the first airliner I was able to recognise as a kid. I had a tin plate toy one in BOAC colours when I was just 2 or 3 years old. I see the logo has used the BOAC colours on the plane. Nice. I think the text font could be improved with an outline, italics, and drop shadow. (sorry ... I'm an architect ... I see these things)

4. I see the logo as a nod to BOAC. Perhaps that was unintentional but it really strikes a chord with me. When I play the game I usually create BOAC and play that airline from about 1946, starting out with a handful of Lockheed 049's. So .... I thought, if this makes me feel good then perhaps there are some Pan-Am, Continental, Ansett, TWA, Thomas Cook etc (all airlines that no longer exist) fans playing the game. Perhaps, as the website develops, it may incorporate themes from these airlines, as well as iconic airlines still flying, such as Singapore, Thai, Delta, KLM, Lufthansa, Qantas, Emirites, etc ... just a thought.

Great work with the website !!!
Fantastic to see that TAP is slowly getting more and more active, not only the developers but also the community!!

I must say the new website is way better and sleeker then the old one, but it still seems a bit broken on wide screens. I also noticed that on mobile some fonts are missing, which makes it a bit less satisfying to look at.

I've quite some experience with website programming and making them responsive across all sorts of screen sizes. If there is something I could do, I would love to help.

A huge improvement on what was before!

Not sure about the Impact font choice. It feels a bit in-your-face and it's, of course, the meme font. The bevelled edge on the Subscribe box also feels a bit out of place considering there's no bevel anywhere else and I feel like it's a bit of an outdated design choice considering the current flat UI styles of most websites and operating systems. Otherwise, I think it's a good step forward. I think it would be nice if the features section was more of an auto-scrolling section such that all the content slides out of frame rather than a static click to see what's next.

Overall, a good step in the right direction and I can't wait for more.

Keep up the good work everyone!
[Image: uc?id=1rALudOMTYmTby7M_ayoj9lb9jKJ1kChv]
Thanks to everyone! I'll take a look at your suggestions in the coming week and try to implement them.

We chose the comet as our logo because just like the new version it was the start of a new era with many improvements to come.
Besides this, it also just feels right. We tried many airliners, and many more styles and compositions for a logo. Smile
Hey T,

I just read the latest blog, where you talk about the icons for airports. Really happy with the info shown in the icons. If I hover over an icon will it expand out to give further detail?
Yes, hovering airports will give you more information.

Like in this early example. The UI will change.

[Image: z2qIPzu.gif]
may I suggest switching to aircraft icon instead of those squares similar to OurAirports map style where a big jet means a big international airport and small turbo prop means a smaller airport and so on

[Image: D9WCbv.jpg]
Quote:I suggest switching to aircraft icon instead of those squares
They are just placeholders for the presentation. The squares are replaced by other symbols.  Smile

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