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(04-30-2017, 09:01 AM)pjank42 Wrote: I have said it before to you and I will say it again now, please stop with that kind of writing!!!! I will NOT accept it.....

I have been home the a sick child the last days so I haven't had the time to answer your mails and for now I don't want to, so please leave this forum, since with that kind of language we wouldn't be needing your help... AT ALL.... And I already pointed out some of the issues with the data the first time you sent them like a couple of them having coordinates 0.0.0, demand like 2.3 etc... But again it doesn't matter any longer since I wouldn't be needing your help :-(

1. I hope your Kid is better now!!

2. I have checked all data (including the first ones) and I didn't find only one airport with coordinates 0.0.0 or such a strange demand... Perhaps it happened on transferring from xls to xml, I don't know how this works.

3. You can't understand why I am disappointed? At first I didn't know, that your old email was not active anymore and I haven't got answers to my mails for months. And when I found out, that my delivered db was still incorrect in the game,  I had no clue for that and we could't discuss it because of the mail-address-thing. And until today I didn't know that your kid was ill and you couldn't react on my questions. I thought you would ignore me for which reason ever.

4. If you would like to have correct data in the game it should be necessary to have a look directly into the excel-file, and transfer the data in which way ever to the game. They are definitely right (on basis 2013 for pax/gates for all 4244 airports in the db at that time, more than half of them added through my research and hundreds of hours spending on that). Again, I have no idea, why the data is different in the game than in my file. Perhaps it happended because I changed the column-format for coordinates to work them over in excel?.

5. I didn't offend you, I just said, that I am disappointed that there's a lot of different data in the airport-db, different than the data I sent you and I am not happy with that. After all the work I had with that it should be comprehensible.

6. I can't understand your reaction, although you might have taken my posts as critics. I guess in a community you can have a dispute but you can discuss it out. And for the project it is necessary in my opinion to disuss varying opinions or problems on such things as problems with distributed files...

7. For the game itself it should be necessary to find out where the problem is with the db as you might want to have correct data in the game as well as all people who want to play it...

8. It is up to you if we will find out the problems about the different data or not and how it can be solved.

P.S.: As we never had issues with each other before, when ever did you need tell me "to stop that kind of writing"? We always had good conversation in the forum and I never offended any member except the turkish guy for his fake data on turkish airports...

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