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[Approved] Suggestion for historic immersion
Hey everyone, i just found out about this, i'm surprised this isn't more known.
So i've been playing AirTycoon 4 and 5 on my phone and i felt like the most immersive thing in that is the "news" system
In which you can see events like people wanting to go to this place, or a thunderstorm is happening, etc.
And most importantly, when manufacturers make new planes.

Usually it goes like: They announce it, present it and release it. At the respective years they were IRL(?)
I'd love to see this implemented in here

Wow, i completely, completely missed the mail system. 
But yeah, maybe with pictures and trying to recreate as much realism as possible with this. I think it would be even cooler

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[Approved] Suggestion for historic immersion - by SpaceyWarrior - 06-30-2019, 04:06 AM

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