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The Airline Project

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own airline? Do you want to choose yourself where to fly? Do you think you have what it takes to coordinate an airline? This is your chance to prove yourself.

In The Airline Project your objective is to operate an airline, build a widespread network and gain as much market share as possible. To achieve this goal, you can use many different strategies: do you go for low cost or the best service in the market? Do you aim for holiday or business passengers? Maybe you want the best of both worlds? Perhaps you abandon the passengers completely and decide to conquer the cargo market. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.


Historic Map

Historical Accuracy

We try our best to make the game as historical accurate as possible. To achieve this we let the planes, airports, worldmap, international relations and even the AIs desicions reflect the era you are playing in. You will have to adapt your network from 'milk-routes' to a hub network or even point to point travel. Your strategy will have to change as wars break out or decolonization sets in. Of course we give the player a list of options so they can finetune the game to their preferences.

Sandbox Set Up

Sandbox Mode with Many Settings

The Game will come with a sandbox mode. You will have many options to cater the sandbox to your personal preferences. You get to chose your budget, your fleet, but also things like the laws, restrictions and game rules you'd like to play with.

Customizable Seatmap

Customize the Cabin to your Needs

The seatmaps are customizable with great depth to suit your needs. Not only do you get to set generous settings for a comfortable First Class and a pitch as thight as possible for Economy, you also get a visual to see the cabin of your imagination come to life.


More Features TBA

As development progresses we will announce more features. Follow our social media or sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned!


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