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Blog update
Everyone the best wishes for 2017!
I was surprised that you are already working on the game it self. There is only one thing that I sort off dislike, the gradient background behind the user money and date. I just don't think it fits the flat GUI design. But that is my opinion.

I have changed the gradient background and also released a new blog update: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-41/
Are there any updates on the game yet? The blog from last week said there would probably be a release at the end of this week so of course I'm getting over excited!! Big Grin
No need to be too excited since it is still only a prealpha version, so a lot of things will still needs to be done :-)

I will release it sometime tomorrow since I have a few things I will have to fix first
And update 42 is now ready: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-42/
Update 43 has been released: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-43/
Minor blog update: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-44/
Another blog update: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-45/
Update 46: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-46/
Update 47 is now ready at https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-47/

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