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Blog update
(03-17-2017, 09:24 PM)pjank42 Wrote: Update 47 is now ready at https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-47/
Looks great! Maybe at a level 3 airport, you're slots are automatically renewed, but if you're flights occupancy is under 10% or so, you will get a warning that if you don't improve your flights occupancy, you're slots won't be renewed and you have to apply for them again next season.

Can't wait for the next release.
Nick Smile
I have added some sort of autorenew of slots, and I hope to release the next prealpha sometime next week :-)
A new blog update: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-48/

As written I would need for input on the airport demand so please let me know. I am currently thinking about the things mentioned in http://www.theairlineproject.net/forum/s...hp?tid=610 under route demand
Time for update 49: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-49/
A very small but still a milestone update: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-50/
Update 51: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-51/
When will there be another blog upadate? It's been a while since the last one.

Sure, and I hope that starting next week it will be back to "normal" for me to do stuff on the project including blog updates
A month since last update: https://theairlineproject.wordpress.com/...update-52/
Yeaaah the blog update is back!

The changelog already looks really promising, so I'm looking forward for the next release! I do hope something will change about scheduling the routes, because I didn't find it very accurate. Also I hope you fix the bug where you can even progress in time when you start a route.


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