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My Airports Tab
Hi again everybody! Smile

So today after a bit of gameplay I lost tracks of my airports in list.

So I was thinking, is it possible to implement a new tab, where only the airports where you have slots reserved would come up?

Maybe, this could help a bit to organize yourself.

What should be there:
- Country Flag
- Airport Name
- Airport IATA
- Scheduled Flights Sum
- Reserved Slots count
- Reserve slot button
- Check Scheduled Flights for this airport button (The game would put you back to the Routes section, where only the lines to the specific airport and from the specific airport would be shown).

I think this should work as a base for future development. Smile

What do you guys think? Smile

Have a nice day!
Hello :-)

Do you mean as a tab on the "Airports View" or on the destinations list in the "Airline View"?
(01-01-2018, 10:53 AM)pjank42 Wrote: Hello :-)

Do you mean as a tab on the "Airports View" or on the destinations list in the "Airline View"?

Hi Pjank42. Smile

My idea was to add a whole new tab, to be more clear and easy to be used (clickable where all the other view tabs are, like the settings tab).

What do you think? Is it possible to add it on future major releases? Smile

Have a nice day and a happy new year. Smile
Thanks and also happy new year to you. And that is very much a possibility for a future release :-)
@Tjoeker, can you please add this one to the approved features? I was just about to bring up this topic, but noticed a thread already existed.

I still have to go through many of the suggested features to approve or deny them.
I will do a couple every day. Smile So if they don't have an approved tag yet, don't worry. Wink
No problem, thanks for considering!
Perhaps a (somewhat) related suggestion: currently, when you click on the airports tab, all airports in the world are displayed and the user will have to filter accotdingly. Instead, from a computational and user experience perspective, wouldnt it be easier to have the user specifying the parameters and then only displaying the airports that are relevant? This way, i believe, you would save quite some computational power and speed up the game.

Thanks in advance for considering and keep up the great work!
I can test that. I'm not sure as it still has to loop through every airport to find the correct ones.
But then again, I'm barely a Junior Developer at the moment. ^^

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