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Demand Calculation
Good question! Big Grin

What happens to 'summer deadline' and 'summer season start' in the game at the moment?

In my current data set I just set winter in Australia as summer, as it is during our summer. (So January in Australia is winter as well)
Perhaps it is best to code it like that?
Ah, no you probably meant when summer/winter/offseason starts and ends. Big Grin

Perhaps it is best to start out with the same season start/ends worldwide?

I once created this calendar:
[Image: 4FgVRpI.png]

but I can't find the topic back
I was also thinking about how do we handle that the summer period in the southern hemisphere is the winter period here in nothern hemisphere? Will that be handle in the airport data or should I do it in the code? I hope my question make sense :-)
I believe it is much easier to do it with the data?

In the end you can change it in UI. like this:

If location is southern hemisphere, replace summer by winter.

If that makes sense? :p
It makes sense so the only issue is when traveling from one hemisphere to another, but that might be a minor issue :-)
How is it an issue?
I fear that you misunderstood me. Big Grin
You are right that is not an issue :-) I am currently trying to built the formula in the code starting with business pax between CPH and AMS. Then I can check if I get the correct value
Small update: I have managed to implement the formula for business passengers :-) I am not getting the exact same value as you have but that is because the number of passengers per day is a little different with the data in the game.

Now I will try to focus on holiday tourists :-)
I see, my data is from 2016 instead of 2012. Smile

I'll update my data to include 2017 after the exams. Smile
Of course and I forgot about your exams :-)

When you are back could you also give me some input on how to show the new demand with the 3 different types in the GUI?

And I have finished implementing the formula for the two other types as well

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