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Demand Calculation
I would show the demand as daily pax just like in the formula.
Also, I would add holiday and city trip tourists to one 'tourists' parameter in the UI. (we only use 'holiday' and 'city trip' in formulas)

i'm not sure, perhaps two columns in the demand overview? Or perhaps we keep it like it is, all as one big number? (but with daily pax instead)

I would certainly use the 'tourist' and 'business' parameters on a heavy stats page per route.
I don't really have the time to design that page now (for obvious reasons Big Grin ), maybe you could do it?
Well, if you don't want to, you'll have to wait until the end of January. Smile

A few things that would be included on this stats page that I think of right now:
The total/per class average filling degree
The total/per class filling degree of each individual flight (so that you can see which flight to scrap or expand)

What passengers (business/tourists) occupy what classes
What share of business/tourists on the line

I bet we can think of some more stats. Smile

If you want to, you can of course already go ahead and create and design the page. Wink
You don't have to wait for me.
I will try to do the first take on the GUI, and when you are back you can give your input to it :-)

And then we can look at the stats later on, since I have prepared the view route page to contain more stats

Good luck with the studying for the exams :-)
Just a few more questions :-)

* Should we ignore the major destinations files, which stats the exact demand between two airports?
* Should we calculate the demand before start of game or should we do it on the fly?

The last question is the important one because if we do it on the fly, then it is hard to calculate which destinations an AI airline should use, since it uses demand as one of the parameters.
I think we should ignore the major destination files. (don't remove them yet, in case we need them) The idea is to have a formula doing the work for us, because the pax numbers will change over time (once every year) if I release my historic airport data.

What exactly do you mean by on the fly?
Do you mean that if we calculate demand before the game starts, it calculates it for every year?
I mean that you can either calculate the deman when needed, like having a flight between destinations or you can do it per year. At the moment I think per year would be the best since that would not require a lot of changes in the code
One thing I have been thinking about also with version 1, is if we should show the demand as exact numbers or as very low to very high. So far I made it as exact numbers but what do you think?
Omg, yes. Huge improvement actually. Smile
I have been thinking about that as well. How not to give away the exact demand before the opening of routes.

And that is the answer obviously. Then you can split the demand in business/tourists in the demand overview.

I would calculate the maximum demand per year indeed.
that's the part of the formula I gave you.

And than when you open a route, I would calculate the actual filling degree using the factors I wrote about.
My first take on the new demands page looks like this:
[Image: SpuBYbt.png]It isn't done yet and I still need to implement the new demand calculation on the flights  Smile

And I am not sure that the info pop up is needed
Awesome! Big Grin

Well, the pop-up window contains very useful information..
Of course, it'd be much better if the player could see all the info at one glance for all airports. But that's just too many columns..

Perhaps we could divide the pax column in Business and Tourists?
I also have one suggestion: if the demand is zero, I'd use 'none' instead of 'lowest' or 'very low'.
I'm actually about to suggest the same for airports with 0 cargo demand per year, show 'none' instead of 'smallest'. Smile

So for the filling degree factors, can we discuss those as well? Smile
I know I told you this before, but can we group the implementation of these factors like this:

-Types of passengers (has an influence on all other factors, how much the maximum tourists/business demand is, is calculated in the previous part)
-Demand for airliner classes

-Flight frequency
-Departure time

-Connecting flights (stopover flights can be done later)
-The kinds of reputations
-Cooperations/Airline facilities/advertisements

With a dev release between each group, so that we can fine tune the factors before making the calculation more difficult. Smile
I have added None as a value, and I will also add holiday demand on the overview page :-)

And I am ready to discuss filling degree, and the only parameters I have are:
* Price compared to "base" price
* Price compared to opponents
* Service level compared to opponents

But please let me know what you have been thinking about :-)

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