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Real-time timetable & Airport staus
Im thinking of a suggestion of a time table for the game, as it was used in the old version

1. The timetable at the airport, allow user to check all the departure and landing aircraft for that day. It can show the destination, flight number, gate number, status( delayed, final call, delayed) It would be really awesome if its implemented and the presentation could look like the flight status board in real airports!
2 It would also be much appreciated if an airport status is implemented, such as the busiest passenger/cargo airport, busiest airport with the most takeoffs
3 It would also be cool if we can assaign each aircraft to the gate we want

I really hope these can be implemented! Thx
the gate system was removed after v1
v2 comes with the slot system instead
1 & 2 were part of the older version, so I can see them coming back. Smile (at least I'd like to see them back too! especially 1)
I remember 2 was pointless, since your home airport was always the busiest airport. But this of course changes with the smarter AI. Smile

3 is somewhat more difficult, indeed. But I have it on my to do list anyways. Wink

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