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Date blocked
Hi Team,
First of all thank you very much for this amazing initiative. I have an incident in 2.13 Alpha Final. I'm currently playing with an OOTB company (wizz air in this case) and sometimes date is blocked: That means that I'm not able to continue playing, although I'm able to select different menus. Usually what I do to unblock it is to select again Pause and continue and after a few seconds game continues. I don't know if is a refreshing problem and/or how to reproduce it, due to is a random situation. 

Last issue has been related with creating a flight school for A340-500. After building it, date freezes like previously but I'm unable to unblock it, so I feel that I should take a previous save game. I have record a video showing issue but I'm unable to upload it as attachment.
If you need any log or whatever please feel free to contact me and provide required folder route.
Kind regards.
The log file is in the main folder of the game, named TAPv2.log, but it usually isn't generated until you have an actual crash.

Do you remember what date (or at least what year) it was?
Did you have any converted airliners?

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