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[Approved] Sort by "Condition" in Fleet Currently Not Possible
Not sure if this is a bug or just not a feature implemented yet (like maintenance in general), but normally one can click on the headings at the top of any listing and it'll sort by that heading.  Not so with "Condition" in "Fleet" (under Home).

Naturally, if/when maintenance is implemented this will become important.

Hi, we'll have a look at this. Smile

Just to be clear, maintenance is somewhat implemented. (although not at the level we want it to be)

You can click on the gear icon next to the airliners in the fleet overview to manually maintain the airliners.
But I suggest using auto maintenance.

Of course, maintenance will get a big update sometime.
Oh, maintenance IS functioning in some capacity, great!

Is there a place/manual that explains how it currently works?  I only know of this page:

Thank you!
Of course. Smile
So far it's a very dumbed down solution:

Airliners drop in percentage with each flight they make. The only effect is that once the percentage is below 50 you cannot fly to/from Europe or the US. (possibly all countries at the moment, I honestly don't know) This of course is just a place holder to get some dynamics in the game.

You have two options:
-You can manually maintain airliners when you want to. Just click the gear icon in the fleet overview (only visible if auto maintenance is disabled), and the condition will go up.

-Or you use auto maintenance. (this is what I'd recommend at the moment)
It just gives one maintenance each time the condition drops below 50%, to make sure the airliner can keep flying.

The maintenance update is currently in the design phase, so it will get a (big!) update for sure.
But there are many things on our to do list. Big Grin

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