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Nan% Filling degree
First of all great game guys. 
I only got one problem, I created some routes and some of them are flying and have a good filling degree, but some of them have a nan% filling degree. I did the same things with all the flights, and I also waited till next season but still some of them are flying and some  not.
It probably means in the code there accidentally has been a division by 0.
We fixed a couple of issues related to this, so it should be fixed in the next version. Smile

For now, just try to figure out what is causing it in your case, and try to avoid it.
What could be possible problems what could cause this? is it something with pilots or just something with routes or airports?
When will be a new airport and do I need to download the game again or will the game be updated automatically?
I honestly don't remember the cause, I only remember we fixed it. Sorry.

In v2.13 (the version you have), you don't have to care about pilots yet. You can fly without them.

I assume you mean version and not airport?
If you are using the Itch desktop app, the game should update automatically.
If you downloaded the game via the Itch website (or straight from our website) you will have to update manually.
We don't have an official release date yet, all I can say is it will happen this July.

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