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Wrong Aircraft/Runway length Data
Hi Guys,
I have noticed that alot of the time runway lengths are wrong.

As an example: LCY runway length is 1,508M long but in the game it is 1,080M Long
The airport data currently in the game is from 2012.
There is a massive airport update in development, but it won't be for the next version though.

We also have a smaller update for the next version. We'll make sure the LCY runway length is part of it.
In which year do you play? The runway length, for example, at "London City Airport" until 1992 is 1080m and will be extended in 1992 to 1508m.
In this case everything is fine with the "London City Airport". Tested and works as it should.
Oh, good catch. Smile
Oppps my bad i thought the LCY runway extension was 1990

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