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2.14 Patch C
I uploaded a new patch using 'butler' on for the first time.
This means that if you're using the Itch desktop app, you should get updates automatically from now on. (occasionally you might have to click 'check for updates')
Let me know if anything went wrong in the process.

Link to the manual download


Changelog V2.14 Patch C

DISABLED: Job Market.

FIX: AI no longer creates corrupted cargo routes.
FIX: Fixed issue with loading/saving of WiFi settings.
FIX: Fixed issue with loading certain scenarios.


Patch D will come as soon as I fix the issue AirBerliner and some other members have.
Is a patch D coming out?
Certainly at some point, but not today as I haven't started working on it yet.
I am still having issues with game crashing when saving the game.

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