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condition of aircraft - mp4c - 03-17-2020

I used a factory delivered Boeing 737-300 on DFW-ATL route pair flying 3 times a day 7 days a week and the condition of the aircraft was down to 50% after 2 years. At this rate I will need to replace the aircraft every 4 years. Not very realistic performance.

RE: condition of aircraft - Tjoeker - 03-18-2020

If you enable auto maintenance the condition will remain above 50% and you can keep on flying the aircraft.

Maintenance is not implemented like we want it yet.

RE: condition of aircraft - mp4c - 03-18-2020

Auto maintenance is enabled and the condition of the aircraft continue to deteriorate.

RE: condition of aircraft - Tjoeker - 03-18-2020

It will drop to 50% and the auto maintenance will keep it around this 50% value.
You shouldn't worry about this. Your planes will keep on flying without any issue as long as they are above 50%.
This will of course change in the future.

I believe there is a bug: enabling auto maintenance in the settings will not do anything.
You have to enable it via the fleet page.