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condition of aircraft
I used a factory delivered Boeing 737-300 on DFW-ATL route pair flying 3 times a day 7 days a week and the condition of the aircraft was down to 50% after 2 years. At this rate I will need to replace the aircraft every 4 years. Not very realistic performance.
If you enable auto maintenance the condition will remain above 50% and you can keep on flying the aircraft.

Maintenance is not implemented like we want it yet.
Auto maintenance is enabled and the condition of the aircraft continue to deteriorate.
It will drop to 50% and the auto maintenance will keep it around this 50% value.
You shouldn't worry about this. Your planes will keep on flying without any issue as long as they are above 50%.
This will of course change in the future.

I believe there is a bug: enabling auto maintenance in the settings will not do anything.
You have to enable it via the fleet page.

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