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Tutorial/Guide somewhere? - SchulzeV - 08-25-2020

Hi i am new to this game. and first it was kinda overwhelming but i got a couple routes going. so i was wondering if there is a guide or some basic tutorials somewhere? one problem i encounter is how do slots work, or why does my schedule resets. i.e. i pack from 6a.m to monday to sunday 30flights and some time after it sets back to just 10 or so. or how do i properly organize my routes and planes... sometimes i get two planes on one route even if i selected a diffrent one. or can i just duplicate a route and just assign a diffrent plane to it.... questions over questions... so i would love to have some basic tips available since i was not able to find some. maybe one can do a short youtube video and pin it on the forum for future new players?! stay safe and healthy everyone!

RE: Tutorial/Guide somewhere? - Tjoeker - 08-25-2020

Welcome to the forum!

We used to have a tutorial on our old website:

In the new version the tutorial should be in the game.

Let me know if you have additional questions!

RE: Tutorial/Guide somewhere? - SchulzeV - 08-25-2020

the man himself, thanks alot. that link is already a blessing! keep up the great work!! see ya on sep. 23rd Wink