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Changelog Alphas
This is the changelog for version 2.14. The log will be updated as we progress.
Bugs and Issues
  • Fixed issue with loading of saved game when using converted airliners
  • Fixed issue with ordering new airliners
  • Fix: Combi airliners didn't show seatmaps
  • Fix: converting to cargo gave too much cargo capacity
  • Fix: AI sometimes creates a subsidiary from wrong airline file
  • Fix: When starting a scenario, you'd lose all predefined routes after 1 season
New Features and Optimizations
  • New countries system
  • Country Relations
  • Pilots and Employees
  • Convert cargo airliners to passenger airlines
  • Added the possibility of ordering the same aircraft with different configuration
  • Minor update for AI
  • Possibility to save seating configuration
  • Added scrollbars to seating configurer
  • New functionality for onboard facilities
  • Calculation of load factors
  • Scaling of seat maps
Data Updates and Additions
  • Added specific passenger types for major Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Icelandic airports
  • Added several airlines (historic and new)
  • Added inflation data before 1946
  • Added Bombardier CRJ550

This is was the changelog for 2.11:
Bugs and Issues

Fixed issue with loading of games saved with a different time format then Europe
Fixed so it is possible to resave a loaded game
Fixed issue where AI airliners uses the same airliner for multiple routes
Fixed an issue where the AI didn't add airliners to routes
Fixed issue with payment when buying new airliners from manufacturer
Fixed issue where mixed routes didn't get payment for the cargo
Fixed issue when loading tailnumbers
Fixed minor issue with tailnumbers for USA

New Features and Optimizations

Added a new demand model
Implemented a new demand page
Added historic names for some airlines
Added scenarios
Fixed the airliners selected by the AI for routes
Added so AI will also buy new and lease airliners
Optimized creation of a custom airline
Optimized the different graphs
Added music for the main menu - thanks to picoo000
Added tax values to all countries - thanks to picoo000
Added a new page for route statistics
Added reputation
Added advertisements
Added the possibility of transfering airliners between subsidiaries and main airline
Added the possibility of scheduling flights for the future

This is the changelog for version 2.12. The log will be updated as we progress.
Bugs and Issues

Fixed issue with loading of saved game with loans
Fixed issue when saving of game in some countries
Fixed so clearing of time table also clears the scheduled ones in other seasons
Fixed so 'new' used airliners will be created over time
Fixed issue with creating new routes for a subsidiary

New Features and Optimizations

Added the possibility of buying airliners with a down payment
Added so it is possible to remove an airline facility at an airport
Added the possibility of removing an airline facility
Implemented so it is possible to select if the opponents should use the predefined start data or not
Implemented upgrading of customs service to handle international flights
Added the possibility of taking a loan in order to order aircrafts from a manufacturer
Added so it is possible to add an airliner and create the timetable directly when creating a new route
Added conditions for aircrafts and that it will decrease over time if not maintained
Added the possibility of quick assigning an aircraft to a route
Optimized the leasing contracts with monthly payment and signon fee
Added discount when buying a number of aircrafts from a manufacturer
Changed so all ordered aircrafts aren't delivered at once
Added tooltips for a number of buttons
Added the possibility of converting a passenger aircraft to a cargo aircraft
Added the possibility of replacing an aircraft with another aircraft on all routes
Added success parameters page for scenarios
Added throught/via flights when creating a new route
Implemented whole day flights
Added pop ups for airlines statistics
Added the possiblity of configurating the airliner classes when ordering a new airliner

Data Updates and Additions

Added a lot of airliner images thanks to 2466254711
Added a new scenario (The Rise of a New Giant) thanks to picoo000 and hei28ssk
Added and updated names thanks to hei28ssk
This is the changelog for version 2.13. The log will be updated as we progress.
Bugs and Issues

Fixed issue with seat pitch/width values aren't changing when clicking the buttons
Fixed issue with no free slots
Fixed cargo demand
Fixed issue with AI able to buy airliners not yet invented
Fixed issue with replacement of airliners on via routes
Fixed issue with subsequent days for flights over 12 hours
Fixed issue with no cargo terminals at airports
Fixed issue with scenarios
Fixed issue where it was possible to add an airliner to a route where the distance was longer than the range of the airliner
Optimized the build of an airline terminal
Fixed issue with loading of leasing companies
Fixed issue with new terminals not giving more slots

New Features and Optimizations

Changed so "new" used aircrafts will be added each month
Added so it is possible to add "new" airliner classes to routes and airliners
Added the possibility of upgrading your airline license
Added refresh of some pages
Added airliner history
Added leasing periods
Implemented showing of next season start/deadline on hoovering on current date
Added notifications for season start and season deadline
Added grouping the aircraft on airliner family in the selection menu for routes->airliners
Added so it is possible to set your own homebase on start of game
Updated the seat configurations

Data Updates and Additions

Added a scenario for the aftermath of 9/11
Updated the cargo capacity on airliners (Thanks to Tomcatter)
Added some new leasing companies

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