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Cannot order B763F at Boeing?
Very new to this, so I apologize in advance in case I missed something.

Created a new cargo airline and wanted to order some 767-300F from Boeing. Unfortunately they do not offer them, only B767 they offer is the PAX -400.
In real life, Boeing is still producing the 767-300F, it is actually quite booming.

Would love to have this in the game as well.
Is there a way to edit the game in that regard, or would I have to wait for a patch?
I'll update the production of 767-300F. Would you say until 2021 sounds long enough, or do I need to lengthen it further?

You can edit it yourselves too if you can open the data.sqlite.
You can find the aircraft under 'AirlinerCargoType' and change the value under 'Produced'.
Thank you for your swift response and help.
I lack the necessary tools to edit this it seems, most of it is encrypted/unreadable for notepad++

No factory fresh 763F for Aspari Cargo I guess Sad
Wait 5 minutes, I help you  Smile

--- ---

Production end set to 2025 for the 767-300F. Back up your old file.
Oh wow, thank you so much!
I love my 763F, you know...

Great support. I hope this project will develop nicely and someday appear on Steam or elsewhere.
For edit aircraft you cannot use notepad++ you must download DB Browser for SQLite.

Install DB Browser for SQLite and run the application.
Click Open Database button and navigate to data.sqlite at your game directory (example C:/TAPV2/data/data.sqlite)
Backup your data.sqlite first! If you wrong, you can replace your db.

Oke, lets edit your aircraft cargo.
Below button Open Database you can see tabs "Database Sctructure" "Browse Data"
Click tabs "Browse Data"
After you click, you can see different look. See again below tabs "Database Sctructure" you now can see dropdown table menu.
Click dropdown table menu and select AirlinerCargoType.
[Image: 611dd655f3.png]
This image for example view at AirlinerCargoType. 
Slide the scroll right and find the "Name" column
You can input text for fast search like this :
[Image: b6b34dd9c6.png]
Change column "produced" as long as you want or until the end of the game. (2199 maks)
Example : 
Origin = 02-01-1995 00:00;31-12-2015 00:00
Change = 02-01-1995 00:00;31-12-2199 00:00
Dont forget for smiling
Confirming it works:

Thanks again!

edit: And thanks for letting me know about DB Browser!

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