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Blog update
That's very good news. Thanks a lot.
Best news ever
I looked at the forum every day and suddenly dreamed that version 2.14 had been released. I'm really waiting for the new version!
Dont forget for smiling
We have all had that dream haha
Time goes so slow when you are waiting :/
"release this July" the time is running Tongue
That's right. The release was scheduled for this July, but the main problem is some unexpected issues. The other problem is that it fell during the vacation time of the Dev Team. One is away and one is coming back in those days.

If there is news, we will inform you immediately. Please be patient and we know you have been waiting a long time.
On one side very bad news and on the other side the right choice.

I keep my fingers crossed, that the unexpected issues not so big and you can solve it quickly and easily.

What I know from a browser game it is better to wait as make the player to the "Beta" tester. Every time their, it brings more problems to the gamer.

I am looking forward to the upcoming release in the near future.
Disappointing, especially when we are told to expect a July release.
I get unexpected problems arise but a bit of communication wouldn't go amiss.
Oh well onwards and upwards.
The game is free and the devs do this in there free time. So if the game isn't release by the schedule date or month i am not going to worried about it is a free game after all. We should all be grateful they make this game for us.

It is like this guy here who was getting abused by people on FB for not releasing the game for months. He is a one man dev and does it in his spare time.

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