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Airport logos
So, I've been busy again .

I've created logos for 126 airports in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, France and United Kingdom - about 95% of the airports that receive commercial flights IRL.

I've noticed you use an alpha channel to replace the white backgrounds.
However, this means that sometimes (quiet often actually) you can't see/read parts of the logo.

Here is an example:

[Image: MST%20-%20Alpha.jpg]

This is the logo:
[Image: MST.png]

I've been messing around, trying to make all logos consistent.
I need your opinion on how we should implement the logos

At first I just added the white background:

[Image: London%20Southend.jpg][Image: Wick.jpg]

But this felt weird and out of place.

I added a black border. (maybe this border can be scripted to use the colours the player chose in the settings? This might give horrible clashes with colours in the logo though)

[Image: Border.jpg]

I experimented a little with shadows as well:

[Image: Shadow.jpg]

In some rare cases we could remove the white background (in fact, London Southend is the only one at the moment):
[Image: London%20Southend%20-%20Shadow%20and%20Alpha.jpg][Image: London%20Southend%20-%20More%20Shadow%20and%20Alpha.jpg]

Maybe we should ad some shadow to the window edges like this, to blend it all together:
[Image: Full%20Shadow_1.jpg]

What do you think?
Any other possibilities you can think of to remove the hard contrast between the logo and the game background?

In my opinion the heavy shadows are the best option, and where possible we can remove the white background.

On a side note,

I couldn't find logos for Ajaccio Airport and Figari Airport. I think these airports are to big to leave them without a logo ^^
So if you live near and can get me a picture of the logo, that would be great Smile

That should very much be possible to remove the heavy contrast, and I agree with you that we should use the white background in the cases where it will be hard to see the whole logo.

The border is possible to do in the code, so it is something I need to "play with" to get correct :-)

Btw. do you have a place where I can download all the logos you found :-)
Yes, I'll send you the files.

But I wanted to know first what style you liked most.

The coded border is just an option like the others.. Wink

Honestly, I'd go with the heavy shadow and an alpha channel if possible.

as seen in these:
[Image: London%20Southend%20-%20More%20Shadow%20and%20Alpha.jpg][Image: Wick%20-%20More%20Shadow.jpg]

In combination with the scripted shadow, like in the last picture in the first post.

But I'm open for other opinions Smile
As soon as we have chosen a style, I'll make all the logos consistent. Then I'll send them to you Wink

Then we agree on the heavy shadow with an alpha channel :-)
New Airport

This  archive should contain 126 logos, including updated logos for:

  • [LGG] Liege
  • [SFX] Berlin
  • [TXL] Berlin
  • [FRA] Frankfurt
  • [HAM] Hamburg
  • [LHR] London
  • [NCL] New Castle
  • [LPL] Liverpool
  • [SOU] Southampton
  • [BHX] Birmingham
  • [CWL] Cardiff
  • [JER] Jersey
I'll do southern Europe next. (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and those ministates)
Impressive! Can't wait to see al the images in the game Smile

Maybe, just going wild here, airport logo's could be historical as well. But I guess this would require some heavy research  Big Grin
yeah, thought about that as well Smile

but it's already hard to find the logos in use at the moment.. :/
we'll see, but first i'd like to see more airports with logos ^^
Added to the game and I like how it looks :-)
Update: New Airport Logos 2

Looks like I've forgotten Ireland, Amsterdam Shiphol and Brussels Airport (how could I forget my home airport?), so these are included in this update.

This update includes 131 logos from Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Czech Republik.

I think it's kind of sad most Spanish airports are from the same group (Aena) and thus have the same logo.
Oh well, I guess it made it easier for me...

Updated logos:
  • [AMS] Amsterdam
  • [BRU] Brussels
  • [BUD] Budapest
  • [CIA] Rome
  • [FCO] Rome
  • [SZG] Salzburg
  • [ZRH] Zurich
If you don't want to wait for the prealpha 8 update, you can paste the pictures in this folder (overwrite existing pictures):

Here is a map showing future plans:
[Image: Airport%20Logos%202%20Map.png]
as you can see, I'm planning on covering the whole European continent for prealpa 8.
If I finish Europe way before prealpha 8 gets released, I'll start working on some other project.
After prealpha 8 gets released, I'll continue this project on another continent Smile

@Pjank: just an idea, but maybe you can make the logos show up a bit larger? (10% will do I guess)
Some airports have busy logos, making it hard to see.
Or maybe it's just that I have much place left on my big screen?
Thanks once again and great to see a lot of new logos :-) I will also look into the larger images

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