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Airport Logos
[Image: Progress%206.png]
Individual Downloads:

Logo pack 3 (Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland)
Logo pack 5 (Greenland, Canada and Alaska)
Logo pack 6 (East USA)

copy the images and paste them in this folder:
overwrite any existing images.

I've created a new topic in the correct forum, maybe Pjank can move the posts about the updates to here?

About update 3:

This update contains 144 logos from: Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Updated logos:
  • [AAL] Aalborg
  • [AAR] Aarhus
  • [BLL] Billund
  • [GDN] Gdansk
  • [GOT] Goteborg
  • [SGD] Sondeborg
  • [TLL] Talin
  • [TRF] Sandefjord
  • [WAW] Warsaw
Many airports belong to the same company/group, so once again, there are many repeated logos.
To diversify the logos, I added the name of the airport or town in the same style as the logo. (I did the same for Aena airports in Spain).
However, these names in scandinavia contain letters that aren't used in my language. If it contains any typo, let me know Smile

I once I finish the next update, I'll take a brake until the Prealpha 8 gets released. (I don't know when pjank is planning this release though).
In the meantime I'll work on some other *secret Big Grin * project. (pjank, i'll text you about this in a minute).

Soooo, a question: after Europe, what countries should I cover next?
wow you're really making some progress. 
I'm just wondering how to keep all these images lightweight. I mean that I don't hope that the game size will increase to much because of this. (I'm sure Pjank will keep this in mind) But keep up the good work!

Getting curious for the secret project though  Dodgy

Well, as the logos aren't shown to big ingame, I can reduce the resolution of the images a lot.

I try to keep the size of one logo below 70kB. (most are in the 10-30kB range)

I expect all European logos together to be around 20MB.
The entire world would be 160MB, but that's a rough estimation though.

I too think that 160MB is just too much for a bunch of logos. If I ever get close to this size, I'll give pjank an update reducing the maximum size per logo to 40-50kB, maybe even 30kB.

So yeah, an effort is made, once it's necessary I'll do a bigger effort Smile
Maybe instead of keeping the files separate it could be more efficient if they were stored in a different way. But that would require some game changes. So I guess this is good enough for now.
This update came a lot quicker than expected Smile
*please note, this doesn't mean prealpha 8 will come sooner because of this...

Install in

I updated the first post to show the progress. I'll keep updating the first post throughout this project.

apparently there aren't that many big airports in Eastern Europe. This update contains 53 new logos and 9 updated logos from
Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece.

What continent would you like to see covered next? Smile

@Pjank: I have a small problem: Pristina airport in Kosovo has PRN as its Iata-code. But you can't use PRN as a name for the logo because that name is reserved for some windows file.
Any idea how we can solve this?
Altering the Iata code seems wrong to me, but writing a piece of code for a custom path to this one logo feels like a waste..
Nice work :-) I have added them to the game and I would prefer North America as next continent.

I will try to figure out how to handle PRN and then get back to you :-)

@nnick: I guess you are right, but I will have to write it to the to-do list
Update 5

This update contains 84 logos (2 updates).

It also includes the logo for Ajaccio (which is apparently just plane black text), the logo for Pristina (thanks to Pjank I can now use PRN as its name Smile ) and 1 additional airport in the United States of America. (I accidentally downloaded the wrong Waterloo airport logo, but I figured it could stay in this update).

Enjoy Smile


*I've also updated the first post, and will continue to update it.
This is a rather large update: 225 new logos Smile


This will be the last update for at least 3 weeks, as I'm going on a trip.

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