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Idea add to steam :D
If you want more players then get this game to steam ^^
Unfortunately Steam just changed its policy from Steam Greenlight to 'just pay this big sum and we'll add it to our library', which is kind of stupid in my opinion.. :/
(07-05-2017, 11:00 AM)Tjoeker Wrote: Unfortunately Steam just changed its policy from Steam Greenlight to 'just pay this big sum and we'll add it to our library', which is kind of stupid in my opinion.. :/

It is beyond me why people want a free game on Steam when you can just download it without a Steam client. It even annoys me when people push a developer to go on Steam when they dont want to because of the cost. 30% premium Steam take from developers and publishers.
Look at eg. UnReal World. A small indie game developed by one guy. It's free on his website but he put it on Steam for a few dollars. People are happily buying it on there.

For some it's just an easy way to support the dev. For others it's about convenience sice they have all their games on Steam. And then there are new players who found the game through Steam.

It makes sense in my opinion but only if the game has been polished to some degree. Right now it might be too early (it would maybe make sense as Early Access though).
UnReal World has been released while Steam Greenlight was still a thing. This meant you could release your games for free.
Steam changed their policy. They call it Steam Direct.
This means the developer has to pay $100 per game he releases.

I don't know if Pjank is willing to pay that, but I find that steep for a free game..

You know you can add whatever game to your steam library right?
Ah yes, you're right. It went throught Greenlight. I know that I can add non-steam games to Steam but there are a lot of players out there who only look for new games within the Steam environment. I myself have only stumbled upon TAP by sheer luck, browsing just the right reddit thread with a link to this game.

Putting it on Steam would increase publicity quite a bit. Also I think it'll be pretty easy to break even.

I understand that some devs do not want to got in that direction since there can be a few downsides to this. I just wanted to show you some reasons why people keep asking for Steam and why it can be benefitial for the dev and his game.
I'm not the creator of the game, maybe Pjank will take it to steam one day Wink

I've been thinking about advertising this game a little more to give it the attention it deserves.
But first let's improve the game a bit,
by giving it some features other airline tycoons don't have
or making it easier to use. Smile

Once this community is big enough, the jump to steam might be worth it. Who knows. Wink
(that's up to Pjank though)
For the moment the main focus is on improving the game, since I don't want to advertise for the game before it is stable etc. We tried that before which wasn't a success :-)
TAP and other similar airline management games are a niche market. And i dont think you will find that market on Steam. I know Simutrans is on Steam but i dont know how successful it has been. And that already had a big following with out Steam

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