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Hello, my name is Derrick. I am an airline fanatic and a business exec. I know quite a bit about the real world airline community and would love to be a part of this game. I am not, however, savvy on the technical side. My strengths come from the business side of things. 

I have downloaded the version of the game but I am not sure how to get started and or how to play. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

Hi and welcome

We don't have a guide for how to play yet, but if you have some specific questions we will be more than happy to answer them :-)
Thanks! I have downloaded and started the game. However, I am not sure if I have the correct version. Can you send me the link(s)? What I have seen so far I love!! I really like the fact that you get to choose your opponents. However, it seems in version2 that some AI do not order or lease any aircraft. They will set up routes but not any planes.

The latest version can be found here:

But you are right that the AI isn't the best, which is something we have tried to fix for next version, coming out this month

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