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Pjank42 Appreciation Thread
As soppy as it might sound, i'd just like to take a minute to thank Christian "Pjank42" Sønderholm formally for all the hard work and genuine effort and the love he puts into The Airline Project, not just on the game itself, but the handling of the forum, dedication to his vision for the game. 

So many indie developers give up and cash out once their game becomes successful, or burn out and lose their passion, making their game bland and lifeless, and it's so nice to see that it's not the case here.

The Airline Project has quickly become my favourite game, and i'm glad to experience it as it develops into Pjank42's undiluted vision. I genuinely hope this projects goes on for years to go.

Christian, i'm really glad that you made this game, and just generally think you're a really cool dude for it, and rememeber if any help is needed feel free to ask. As for monetization you can always put this project on and set it so users give some donations to support the game.

 Thanks again, and now i'm going to go conqueer some skies.

Feel free to wax sentimental in the comments here, i think there's a few people besides me that feel like they haven't managed to get their point across properly about how much this game means to them, go on, out do me, i challenge you.

PS: thanks to all the other actors aswell. you know yourselves.
Thank you very much :-) I really appreciate it and I have no intension on stepping down from the game for the next long period :-)

And also thank you to all the users of the forum :-)
And thanks for the tip for :-) I just created a page for the game there:
(03-22-2018, 02:09 PM)pjank42 Wrote: And thanks for the tip for :-) I just created a page for the game there:

game will have a bigger audience and you can choose either to give it for free, give it for a donation or give it for a fixed price
And I see that it can manage the different files with statistics for downloads etc. which I can't see in the existing google drive setup :-)
is the game having the visibility it needs on
For now is a great platform and I think it gives the game enough exposure :-)

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