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Another Newbe needs help...
Hey guys,

so I am encountering a weird problem.
I have started a new airline in Vietnam in 1955, and after buying my airplanes, getting pilots etc. I reserved plenty of slots at each of the airports which I want to fly to. I created the routes I want to fly and put attention to the distances regarding to what my planes can handle etc...

Now - when I want to schedule a route for one of my airplanes (under the category routes->airplanes), the game tells me, that I do not have enough slots in the airports. I don't understand what else I can do to convince the game that I actually have enough slots (in both my departing and destination airport). I've had the same problem with another game in Asia already.

In another saved game in Spain in 1940 it works fine. Are there regional problems with the game recognizing reserved slots in airports?

If you want to use your reserved slots you need to check to box for "Next season" on the creation of a route

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