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New Airline Press Release
Vegan Air Takes Off
[Image: 5SKNRXF.jpg]
NOVEMBER 10, 2018: With its bold name, Vegan Air is the result of today’s environmental considerations

If everyone is aware of the impact of plane transportation on our environment, few are aware that meat consumption contributes to climate change and environmental degradation far more than all forms of transports combined.

Vegan air aims at both transport and our diets.

The starting destinations reflect Vegan Air environmentally-friendly, humorous, international and dynamic style, making them ideal places to find customers that are environmentally minded and enjoy the good vegan food that is so commonplace in larger cities.

Besides the food quality of course, luggage policy, full planes and seat density are more important for us than for traditional airlines.

Vegan Air uses relatively recent devices, which has a direct impact on the emissions of our aircrafts.

We optimize our costs and therefore biofuel consumption.

We develop partnerships and sponsoring (for example donations to environmental and animal NGOs)

In its first two years of operations, the company plans to hire more than 1,500 flight attendants, pilots, maintenance technicians and other employees, taking advantage of a vast market, qualified workforce, excellent operating climate and a government committed to making it easier for businesses to succeed.

With vegan & vegetarian companies multiplying and growing extremely fast due to the growing environmental awareness, it was only a matter of time before a vegan airline took to the skies.

Our comprehensive program covering all the aspects of a truly environmental aviation policy including the food served onboard can be found on our website
[Image: LvxFqFt.jpg]
Cool, it's story time. Cool

I'm looking forward to read more.

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