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Hello guys, nice to meet you!

I had previously played TAP v1, but I stopped playing because my game crashed too much. It's frustrating to repeat again and again to play. A few weeks ago I tried the second version again and it was fun! The game no longer crashes for unclear reasons but still worries when it comes to saving the game, because sometimes the game stops responding for a while.

Oh, I also created this forum account before, but for reasons that are not clear, suddenly my account was blocked for reasons of spam. Even though I only reply to someone's thread. Very painful Sad
Dont forget for smiling
Hey, welcome back I'd say. Smile I guess you've known the game longer than I do then? ^^

We have an auto ban on the forum that reacts to certain words or links in the first post of any member because there are quite a few bots trying to spam our forum. I'm assuming that was the cause.
Sorry about that. Wink

If you send me the nickname of that account, I can see if I can restore that account for you?

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