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Good Morning

first time poster, trying to get a grip of understanding and testing the game on a very low spec laptop.

Was also wondering where I could find a manual of some sorts, as I have some problems already from the start up (contracting cabin crew, making my planes actually fly, etc.)

Looking forward of spending a great deal of time on the game and forum!
Welcome! nice to see you at forum

In last verion (12.3) you can not setup cabin crew and pilot because this feature not implemented right now.
in the start season you can lease airplane and make one or two route and see your financial airline if oke you can expand your route~

If you need more discussion, we can talk at discussion category! see you later!
Dont forget for smiling
Hey welcome to the forum!

Like delia299 said, pilots aren't implemented yet. And you can indeed ask us anything in the discussion forum. Wink

That being said, we will launch a new website soon which will include a tutorial section that explains every little detail of the game.
can't wait for the tuturial!

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