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Load factors
Hi guys,
Maybe you can answer this. I am doing a flight between Larnaca (LCA) and Rome FCO (FCO). Ob the flight planning screen it says that the estimated demand is Very High but when it comes to flying the route i am only getting 1.38% Load Factors.

Any ideas?
I tried the route myself with an A321-200 in its standard configuration.
Departing at 9am I get a filling degree of 80% (95% for Y and 38% for J).

The only factor taken into account in 2.13 is the departure and arrival time.
Are you arriving/departing between midnight and 5am?
Yeah i am leaving at 00:55 which is the irl departure time, but i am using a smaller aircraft
I see. I did a quick google search. I didn't find any direct flights though. (perhaps because of the period I searched?)
An example flight would be via Jordan:
When we implement connecting passengers, they will see this flight as departing just before 1am (which has a very low value, but not the lowest) and arriving at 7am (which has a very high value). They don't really care about the night time connection.

That would mean your flight will still get the filling degree you desire. Just not in the current version.
You will have to wait for 2.15 for that. Smile (connecting passengers feature)

I also found out about 'red-eye flights'. Which is mainly popular in south (-east) Asia.
I'm not sure yet if these flights are mostly filled with connecting passengers or if these are actual passengers that want to depart/arrive at night..
I'll have to do some research. Maybe we need some different arrival/departure time values for these countries.
Oh i lied it was 00:15 not 00:55.

Is 2.15 this mythological next version that has been told is near completion for a while now Wink

[Image: 95qxqb.png]
As you can see (In Red) my LCA to FCO route, which was predicted very high demand.
Compare that to (In Green) my LCA to SKG route that was predicted Very Low demand.
Quote:Is 2.15 this mythological next version that has been told is near completion for a while now Wink

That would be 2.14. Angel

I bet the LCA-SKG flight has some better departure times.
There is a high demand for the LCA-FCO route, but many passengers loose interest in flying there because of the bad departure times.

In 2.14 you'll see that there is a high demand on that route, but many passengers loose interest in the flight because of the departure times.
They look for a better flight (still only direct flights), and they see there is none. Some passengers will then come back to fly that 'bad' flight anyway.
Albeit the passengers flying the route will want to pay less than as if the flight departs/arrives during the daytime.
I reduced the price for this reason.
The LCA-SKG is a 04.10 departure

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