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Istanbul 'New' Airport
Berlin Brandenburg is in game even though it is unlikely to be operational for a while.
Same with Toronto Pickering.
No Istanbul New Airport


Región de Murcia International Airport

please add for next version.
You're right to say we need to take a look at current the database.

We've been busy creating a new database with more detailed data, but while doing so we neglected the current one. Shy
The new one contains the updates, so it should be an easy conversion.
New Istanbul is done for 2.14  Wink
A picture of Istanbul 'New' Airport
[Image: 22_big.jpg]

Apicture of Region de Murcia International Airport

[Image: o_1c7duate51sh6p4n1ali8bp1058m_w_1000x800.jpg]

A picture of Toronto Pickering Airport

[Image: 600px-PickeringAirportLands.jpg]

See my point??
In 2.14 BER is set to open in October 2020, which I think is the most recent announced opening date.
We'll update as new opening dates get announced. Big Grin

I removed Pickering as it seems that they are not sure at all whether the airport is still coming.

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