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various remarks latest version

yesterday i downloaded the latest available version of the game, and I encountered some problems.

Firstly, the hardware i am playing on is a 14' laptop, processor intel celeron, 6GB ram, SSD Drive

1 - when i want to (re)save a savegame, the game crashes
2 - when on the screen of the seat map of my fleet, on plains with more then two classes, i can only shift the drawing of the plain, but i can not shift the "squares" where there's the info of the respective classes. (eg: on an airbus, i can drag the screen from tail to nose, but the class info does not shift, so i can only adjust business and premium ec., but can not do changes to economic because the "square" did not shift from right to left, and thus stays hidden)
3 - every time i load a game, the settings (colours, message settings) are back to how it was when starting a new game
4 - When assigning a route to an airplane, even though there's time enough left over in the daily planning, it is not possible because it says that "some entries are overlapping). Example: brussels - New York: used time is from 7 until 23. However, on that plane i can not plan a short haul flight, for example, from brussels to luxemburg, that only uses about 2h.
Thanks for sharing.

Can you show us the schedule that won't fit? I think you mean you want both BRU-NYC and BRU-LUX on the same schedule?
Yes, you are correct, on the long haul schedules, i can not add a short haul flight, even though when there's time left. This is only for my intercontinetnal flights, other short haul flights have a few more routes on their planning.

How can i show this to you?
You can show this by taking a print screen.
One of our testers confirmed this bug.

If I understand it correctly it happens when you try to add a flight that returns past midnight.

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