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frequent flyer and codesharing

when I start a new game, i just from the start buy the frequent flyer program. However, ingame i do not find any benifits for that expense. Are there any, or should i not bother buying this? Are there mergers possible between frequent flyer programs? and if possible, how to do it?

Also, is it possible to codesharing with other companies? and if so, how?
Hi Orvalvisje,
none of the things you mentioned are implemented at the moment.
I know there is a dropdown menu in the game where you can buy these things, but they don't do anything yet. It was just inherited from v1.

Perhaps we should clean up a little indeed.
So, what i understand is that nothing matters from that drop-down menu? the wifi, magazines, ...?
Indeed. In the upcoming version Magazines, newspapers and Wifi are implemented.

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