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[Approved] Crashes & Comfort.
So, i have a couple of ideas which i think could be quite nice in the future. (But please release 14 first: we've been waiting.)


Possibly reliability could be added to aircraft, with older/smaller aircraft having a low reliability, and newer/larger aircraft having higher reliability. Crashes or any incidents could lower your reputation, reducing your competitiveness compared to other carriers.

Some more ideas about maintenance, it would be nice if you had to build Hangars for your aircraft, or rent out other ones (or use your alliance's *wink wink nudge nudge*)  So, obviously this would make it more attractive not to buy loads of different plane types, and just stick to a few. (Take Lufthansa's A380 Hangar in Munich for a big example) - I would personally love this as it emphasises on hubs, and unifying your fleet. 


Like reliability, this would be lower on older or smaller planes, and higher on newer/larger aircraft. This would make your airline more attractive to customers than other carriers with lower comfort. ALSO, this could be applied to terminals as well. Let's take JFK and La Guardia for example, which would you rather fly from (A former US Vice President has been on record saying "La Guardia is third world.) However, LGA is making a comeback, with USD5bn in investment. ( - For some examples.

I  would also like to suggest that you could make terminals you make private, so only your airline can use them, (or with others in your alliance Wink )
I'm sorry that this is going on a bit but - MAYBE you could build your own airports! make money that way, and invest in it to have a high comfort so that that is the favoured airport in the area. 

Anyway, thanks for reading this behemoth.

Edit: Also, do we have an ETA on V.14?
I've been thinking about implementing this with a factor, so that each game plays differently.
Also, I think reliability and crashes should have a different factor? Eg. The B787 turned out to be unreliable (at the start of deliveries at least), but that doesn't make it unsafe. It just gave it some downtime.
On the other hand, I want to randomize those factors in a range around the factor at the start of the game. Because right now if I made the B737 Max or Comet 1 a relatively more crash sensitive aircraft, you'd just learn to avoid the type. But if we gave it a range, there would still be a chance that the A320neo would be more crash sensitive. Albeit with a smaller chance that a game with a higher factor for the A320neo occurs. So that there is always a risk that you choose the 'wrong' type.

Comfort in the cabin is actually already coming in v14. Smile
Not in the sense that passengers would prefer the B748 over the B741 or DC-3, ... though.
But as time progresses, new seat types become available with a higher comfort or better IFE is invented. Both of which increase the comfort of the passengers.
Although, comfort of Economy seats drop a little for most airlines, as you can make denser configurations. Wink

We have something in development since over a year now, and it's steadily getting there.
I'm gonna stop talking too much about this, but I think it'll be truly ground-breaking. Cool

Constructing airports is not part of the plan though. Although, if you combined connecting passengers, terminal construction and small(est) airports, you'd get close to building your own?

This too is for a bit further down the road. First we need to upgrade our AI.

Edit: I forgot to mention that we have no idea how long it will take until release.
The to-do list is ever shrinking, yet with each finished task the to-do list appears to become longer.
We'll make sure in the future we make our feature lists smaller per release. ^^
Sounds Great! 

I agree with you about the untrue to history for reliability though! otherwise it'd be too easy to just avoid the 737 max etc..

Thanks for getting back so quickly too!

Edit: How do you feel about the maintenance hangars though, would they ever be considered?
Oh sorry, I forgot to mention the maintenance too? :p

It currently already is somewhat like that. That's what those service centers are for.
Although I agree that it needs an update regarding the size of the airliners and the capacity of these hangars/centers.
Also outsourcing maintenance should come sometime in the future.
Sounds good, I feel sorry for your to-do list Tongue
Luckily we have a great community that keeps motivating us. Smile
Also I think the vibe in the devteam is nice, so that makes it fun to work on the project too!

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